Wednesday, 10 December 2008

au revoir

this time, it's definitive...

I had a great time sharing you the music i loved, the music i discovered, the music i danced on.
but it takes too much time and work conditions are getting impossible, so i have to let it go, unfortunately...

I hope you enjoyed it as much as i did...
keep discovering great bands, keep supporting artists, keep faith in art !

"prenez soin de vous"


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my last mp3...

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

CHARLie'S best of 2008

Monday, 13 October 2008

Minitel Rose

Minitel Rose is an old kind of french internet, with a lot of porn. But it's also a new french electro band, with 3 guys from Nantes. Quite nice, sounds a bit like the eighties. Friends of Metronomy, and you can hear it !

Buy their album 'the French Machine' on iTunes

Minitel Rose - Continue
Minitel Rose - Business Woman
The Teenagers - feeling better (Minitel Rose remix)

Saturday, 4 October 2008

freshin' up

After a few weeks of absence, I'm back ! 
i'll still post great music, 
but having a lot of work planned, 
i will focus on quality instead of quantity


Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Chet Baker

Chesney Henry "Chet" Baker Jr. (Oklahoma, 23 December 1929 - Amsterdam, 13 May 1988) was a really great American jazz trumpeter and singer. Specializing in relaxed, even melancholy music, Baker was a leading name in cool jazz in the 1950s. Baker's good looks and intimate singing voice established him as a promising name in pop music as well. But his success was badly hampered by his drug addiction, particularly in the 1960s. He died in '88.

Saturday, 27 September 2008

largest record collection in the WORLD

The Archive from Sean Dunne on Vimeo.

if you got 3 million $, and a place for 2,5 million records...

Monday, 22 September 2008


covers can suck... or can be great !

two things.

# I'm not there
a movie about the life of Bob Dylan, with Cate Blanchette, Heath Ledger, Christian Bale, Richard Gere.
It was overall critically acclaimed last year, and i liked it too. I just found one critical review here.
The Dylan soundtrack is great, but the actual OST-album is a cover album. All artists were supported by The Million Dollar Bashers, an all-star band ( featuring Sonic Youth stars Lee Ranaldo and Steve Shelley, Wilco guitarist Nels Cline, Television guitarist Tom Verlaine, Dylan bassist Tony Garnier, guitarist Smokey Hormel and keyboardist John Medeski)

Cat Power - Stuck Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again
Pavement & The Million Dollar Bashers - Ballad Of A Thin Man
My Morning Jacket & Calexico - Goin' To Acapulco
Antony & The Johnsons - Knockin' On Heaven's Door

# BBC Radio 1 - established 1967
Radio 1 was 40 years old last year, and did a cover album :
40 artists have recorded 40 cover versions as part of Radio 1 Established 1967. Each artist was given a different year, and asked to record a track that was a Top 20 hit in that particular year. Some of them remained true to the original version, and others reinterpreted it.

Amy Winehouse - Cupid (Johnny Nash 1969)
Robbie Williams - Lola (The Kinks 1970)
Franz Ferdinand - Sound And Vision (David Bowie 1977)
Editors - Lullaby (The Cure 1989)
Klaxons - No Diggity (Blackstreet 1996)
Hard-Fi - Toxic (britney spears 2004)

+ PS : here's an older post with a lot of great covers.

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Thursday, 11 September 2008

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

remix : boys noize

aka Alexander Ridha (Alex Ridha / Kid Alex) is a german multitalent. He is praised as one of the top young producers in the Electro scene. In 2003, Alex produced some electro tracks as Boys Noize and got in touch with DJ Hell. Hell knew that he found a talented young guy and signed the first Boys Noize single to International Gigolo Records. The 2nd Boys Noize came out on Datapunk Records. After that Boys Noize got to remix some bands, like Bloc Party, Kaiser Chiefs, Marilyn Manson or Tiga, and many more. His remix for Feist (My Moon My man) was one of the best tracks of 2007. Boys Noize’s debut album ‘Oi Oi Oi’ was released in September 2007 on his own Boys Noize Records. The album contains the single Don’t Believe the Hype and Lava Lava. He released then in 2008 a really great Bugged Out presents Suck My Deck mix album.

Gonzales - Working together (Boys Noize Vocal Mix)

Feist - My Moon My Man (Boys Noize Classic Mix)
Cut Copy - Lights And Music [Boys Noize Happy Birthday Remix]
Sébastien Tellier - L'amour et la violence (Boys Noize Remix)

Sunday, 31 August 2008

fresh & unknown (yet) : Little Boots

6 months ago (that's like 50 blogyears according to hipster runoff ), i heard and enjoyed a song called 'stuck on repeat', by little boots, without any back information.

Now, i regret my lack of research, because little boots is a very cute british girl + her name is Victoria Hesketh + she's also frontwoman of dead disco + her first EP is produced by Joe Goddard from Hot Chip + she has a blog + released a free mixtape 'Computer Fairyland Mixtape' + she will be dj-ing in the LA @ Nocturnal Festival, in LDN, in Paris, in Athens, in Berlin ... + Little Boots is in this month’s Dazed & Confused, FADER and Spin magazines, as well as this week’s NME Radar feature + she drinks stella artois + did i say she's pretty ?

(stuck on repeat)

Mixtape's tracklist 
click to download

Stuck On Repeat
Stuck On Repeat (Fake Blood Remix)
Meddle (Ebola Remix)

Thursday, 28 August 2008

fresh & unknown (yet) : Little Dragon

Little Dragon is a swedish band, from Göteborg (like José Gonzales and Jens Lekman). Their music is a warm, mysterious mix of soul, pop, jazz, electronica and R&B. Enjoy, because i did !

Little Dragon - Twice
Little Dragon - Recommendation (Toddla T Remix)

on iTunes

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Sunday, 24 August 2008

presidential top ten

Barack Obama and John McCain's favourite songs revealed,
by Blender Magazine.

Obama's Top Ten:

Fugees - 'Ready Or Not'
Marvin Gaye - 'What's Going On'
Bruce Springsteen - 'I'm On Fire'
The Rolling Stones - 'Gimme Shelter'
Nina Simone - 'Sinnerman'
Kanye West - 'Touch The Sky'
Frank Sinatra - 'You'd Be So Easy To Love'
Aretha Franklin - 'Think'
U2 - 'City of Blinding Lights' - 'Yes We Can'

McCain's top ten:

ABBA - 'Dancing Queen' ( what ?! )
Roy Orbison - 'Blue Bayou'
ABBA - 'Take A Chance On Me'
Merle Haggard - 'If We Make It Through December'
Dooley Wilson - 'As Time Goes By'
The Beach Boys - 'Good Vibrations'
Louis Armstrong - 'What A Wonderful World'
Frank Sinatra - 'I've Got You Under My Skin'
Neil Diamond - 'Sweet Caroline'
The Platters - 'Smoke Gets In Your Eyes'

based only on the music, who would you vote for ?

(it's my 200th post !)

Great Games

My little country, belgium, got only two medals, and in the last days, what a suspense !
one silver (female 4x100) and one gold yesterday, with the female high jumper Tia Hellebaut. Congrats !
But for the rest, we suck at sports (because there are no structures and no political will, but that's another story...)

Hope your country did well !

Here are some nice pictures, 
AND the Nike+ original tracks i've already shared you, but i hope you will do some sports now !

Passo1 - who made who
Passo2 - Alex Neri
Passo3 - Stylophonic
Passo4 - GOOSE

LCD Soundsystem - 45:33

by andrea leighton

by Vincent Laforet

by john giles

by dan chung

Thursday, 21 August 2008

Intimacy with Bloc Party

Bloc Party surprises the world by announcing that their album Intimacy will be available in the digital world TODAY !
The physical CD will be released on October 27th (pre-order). But if you order the CD you will also benefit from the digital release today.

The tracklisting for Intimacy:
1. Ares
2. Mercury
3. Halo
4. Biko
5. Trojan Horse
6. Signs
7. One Month Off
8. Zephyrus
9. Better Than Heaven
10. Ion Square

tour dates : here

Intimacy was produced by the duo that produced Silent Alarm and Weekend In The City so the new sound is being developed with a familiar team. It might not be that bad after all... just kidding !

mp3: Bloc Party - Trojan Horse

Previous Post (and Mercury mp3)

update : two great songs from Intimacy :
Bloc Party - ion square
Bloc Party - Ares

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Recorders - Northern Lights EP

This indie rock band, from Brussels, started in 2006, with influences like Interpol, Joy Division, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah!, The Libertines, The Strokes, Editors, Velvet Underground or Bloc Party (nothing bad, right !?)
Alex, Gordon, Math & Max have their own little (cfr. belgian) succes in 2007 and 2008, by winning the Demopoll contest from Studio Brussel (the best flemish radio station in Belgium), and the Puredemo contest from Pure FM (the best frenchspeaking radio station in Belgium). 'God, this country is complicated !

Followed by very cool concerts all over the country, and even in Paris, the band recorded his first EP, called Northern Lights !
And because they're very friendly people, you can download it for free! (click on the picture)

mp3 (right click to save) : Recorders - Black Mountain

They're now selected for a rock competition (again!), called Concours-Circuit
The contest takes place on saterday, 6th september. Go see them ! it's cheap, and you will also see : Bikinians, Les Heritiers, Mad Radios and The Vagabonds.
facebook event (in french)

every info on myspace

ED REC NEWS : gifts & FREE PARTY in Brussels !

first, Gifts from Ed Banger Records !
(home of Justice, Busy P, Uffie, dj Mehdi, Mickey Moonlight, So_Me, SebastiAn, ... )

Mickey Moonlight dj Mix
Busy P @ Social Club
dj Mehdi - vienne mix

all news : ed banger records
and to subscribe to the podcast :
RSS feed

(Ed. Rec. Crew)

GOOD news !
this friday, free party with Busy P in Brussels, thanks to Forma.T

(+ AND on saterday 30/08 : Sébastien Tellier, Superlux & IAMX ! )

Monday, 18 August 2008

fresh & unknown (yet) : Passion Pit

One of my favourite blogs, Good weather for airstrikes, is about to stop. The blogger has launched his own record label, Neon Gold ! They will drop their first release in september, a single from Massachusetts-based pop crew Passion Pit. Listen to the brief but effective introduction to the sound of what Pitchfork calls "a glistening array of woozy textures that call to mind both the atmospheric twee-scapes of A Sunny Day in Glasgow and the ecstatic seaside fantasias of Air France ... "

MP3 : Passion Pit - Sleepyhead

Saturday, 16 August 2008

Justice interview

"what we do on Justice is a bit of music, but mainly it's just A&R. We are just A&Ring the project of Justice. It's almost like a boy band you know?"

Friday, 15 August 2008

fresh & unknown (yet) : sunny day sets fire

note : fresh & unknown (yet) will be a new serie of posts, with (un)known bands, having a cool and fresh sound. Not necessarily my favourite, but always good to discover (mostly thanks to their label). But you will be your own judge ! And there will be an mp3 to grab, of course... are you ready?


This band, from very different horizons (UK, Hong Kong, Italy & Canada), released it's debut album 'Summer Palace' last month. The band masters the happy side of indie/pop/rock 'n roll, like the beach boys meet death cab for cutie. There's also an upcoming  remix EP, Stranger, featuring remixes by Diplo, CSS and the Cool Kids.

stream : sunny day sets fire - wilderness
MP3 : sunny day sets fire - 'wilderness' - CSS remix