Friday, 4 January 2008

the Chocolate Makers, vol. 6 & 7 : the tellers + hooverphonic

* remember the tellers?
here is their last song (from a few months back...), hugo
if you like this, go here

* Then, there's a great band, touring for a while in the lowlands, called sharko.
So, I finally grabbed this one : sweet protection, and i love it !

* For your musical dessert : the new hooverphonic !
they had a trip hop period (2Wicky, in 1997), a jazzy one (The World is Mine, 2003), some ballads too (Eden, 1998).
Now it's back to rock 'n roll !

their new album is called 
President of the LSD Golf Club
with gentle storm as their first single.
Expedition Impossible is their 2d one.

btw : we have a government, after 6 months of political crisis, but only for 3 months...

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m0uzike said...

Just to say that I like Sharko toon and I saw them for la fete de la musique on la place des palais :)