Friday, 1 February 2008

the Chocolate Makers, vol. 8 *girls in hawaii*

Every generation has icons to look at, songs to dance and/or cry on and images to remember. This band is not revolutionary, but if you're still a bit young, French-speaking, and most of all Belgian, you ceased to be a kid with Girls in Hawaii.
a few years ago, in 2004, came 'from here to there' out. It was pretty much the first good rock band from Wallonia (the French-speaking, southern Belgium), and it became instantly our favourite band. Tracks were melancholic, concerts were strong & mind-blowing.

4 years later, after selling a few albums, a cover song for starbucks and even touring in the states, they're back with 'Plan your escape'. i hope the new adolescents will become adults with this one.

their site
their space

Girls in Hawaii - found in the ground (2004)
Girls in Hawaii - blizzard of 77 (nada surf cover)
Girls in Hawaii - This Farm Will End Up In Fire (new single)

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m0uzike said...

I saw them at "le Cirque royal", in february,
I think their first album was better than the new, but i like it too