Sunday, 30 March 2008

the Chocolate Makers, vol. 9 *Recorders*

Recorders, a new belgian rock band, sounds a bit like interpol.
try it and you'll like it !

upcoming shows :
Apr 4 2008    Inc’Rock Festival (/w Hollywood Porn Stars, Arid, Zita Swoon...)
Apr 5 2008    Tremplin J’veux du soleil
Apr 12 2008  VK - Emergenza (semi-finale)
May 9 2008   CSG in Nivelles

mp3's : 
Recorders - Tim Burton has directed my life
Recorders - tell me things they never told
Recorders - Witch and Velocity
Recorders - The shade of your orange spinn

1 comment:

Math-Recorders said...

Merci pour la pub et le compliment, ça fait plaisir!
Math' de Recorders