Saturday, 19 July 2008

le hip hop

Who likes french rap ?
not me...
but, sometimes, you gotta stay open, and that's how you discover fresh sounds !

a few time ago, i saw this, ans it was kinda funny :

Then i saw this :

so i searched, and discovered Hocus Pocus !
He (actually it's a band) is an MC from Nantes (Bretagne, FR), he's smart, he's funny, his visual style is very nice and he has a lot of influences (jazz, funk, soul, ...).
so, here are some tracks to discover this fresh kind of hip hop.
(it's better if you speak french, 'cause the lyrics are quite good)

Discover Hocus Pocus!

(at the Olympia, Paris. photos by

in the same kinda style, i forgot to share you this one !
Abd al Malik
He's also a rapper, but more politicaly engaged. 
His album, Gibraltar, has been well received, and won a lot of prices.

Abd al Malik - 12 septembre 2001
Abd al Malik - gibraltar

Discover Abd al Malik!

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