Saturday, 26 May 2007

The Chocolate Makers, vol. 1, *the Tellers*

Belgium ... small country, amazing chocolate, superb beers ... and great bands !

You probably already know dEUS or Soulwax (or 2 many dj's), the pioneers in our modern musical landscape. But we have a new generation of bands, with great potential, so discover them, enjoy them! (and support them too...)

First band,

The Tellers
two guys, from the suburbs of brussels, very young, very talented.
the singer has the accent of Cardiff (thanks mom!), their song can be heard in a Canon ad. And I've seen them in concert at the ancienne belgique in november, they ruled !
our Arctic Monkeys, i guess...

also, their space
their great label, 62TV
and one song, second category (I've posted 'more' a few days ago...) from their EP


Joseline said...

I fucking love the tellers!

m0uzike said...

j'aime j'aime j'aime! [je les ai vu à couleur café, très chouette]

I like I like I like, [i saw them at Couleur café festival, it was very funny!]