Wednesday, 30 May 2007

The Chocolate Makers, vol. 3, *Piano Club*

third belgian band : Piano Club

4 guys, from Liège (Wallonia), the singer is also the bandleader of Hollywood Porn Stars, and the drummer plays in Malibu Stacy.
They describe themselfs as "Blondie eating ice cream with kim wilde, while duran duran's first record is playing. Then phoenix arrives and zoot woman brings some milkshakes. Piano club takes a picture and puts its own painting on it.... "

Anyway, they have a great song, called 'Girl on TV', and it has been remixed by Philippe Zdar from Cassius (!)

their song

and a cover of 'maneater' !

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m0uzike said...

Chouette chouette tout ça!