Friday, 15 August 2008

fresh & unknown (yet) : sunny day sets fire

note : fresh & unknown (yet) will be a new serie of posts, with (un)known bands, having a cool and fresh sound. Not necessarily my favourite, but always good to discover (mostly thanks to their label). But you will be your own judge ! And there will be an mp3 to grab, of course... are you ready?


This band, from very different horizons (UK, Hong Kong, Italy & Canada), released it's debut album 'Summer Palace' last month. The band masters the happy side of indie/pop/rock 'n roll, like the beach boys meet death cab for cutie. There's also an upcoming  remix EP, Stranger, featuring remixes by Diplo, CSS and the Cool Kids.

stream : sunny day sets fire - wilderness
MP3 : sunny day sets fire - 'wilderness' - CSS remix

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